To become premier Internet Service Provider by developing state-of-the-art technology to build a connected Bangladesh.

Achieve customer satisfaction by providing round the clock reliable quality service.

About Us
Shebatel Network Ltd. is Bangladesh’s premier Internet Service Provider (ISP),Shebatel Network Ltd. expanded its broadband internet and intranet (data) services to Dhaka Bangladesh. At present, Shebatel Network Ltd.’s services cover all over Dhaka.

Attracted by its pioneering social business model and by the potential to replicate it around the globe & vast business experience in ICT reach at the grassroots level will enable the creation of a truly effective and sustainable internet broadband environment and social infrastructure across the nation.

Its network today is based on fiber optics technology to serve 3 hundreds of large corporations and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Educational institutions throughout the country. It serves of residential customers directly or indirectly (through resellers)the perennially underprivileged can now avail the various services available online to improve their quality of life.

To deliver a total solution to this varied need, Shebatel Network Ltd. now offers a diversified portfolio of services to best mach of diversified client base. © 2012